Do you have the best surface for Decals?

When you intend to decorate your walls and desire to settle for nothing but the best, go for the best provider who has an ample experience in decals! As a homeowner, you need to take note of a few things, when it comes to the application of decals. A professional company such as Glass Vinyl Graphics always recommends inspecting the aspects such as the hardness of glass, paint finish, textured paint, and curing time. A lot of factors might cause problems with your custom decals to stick properly, and you may never realise it! Glass Vinyl Graphics wants all its customers to have ideal surfaces for the decals, so a few vital tips are to be kept in mind!

Do you have the best surface for decals?

Make sure any fresh paint has dried up

Before applying the custom decals in Australia, experts at Glass Vinyl Graphics recommend allowing at least 2-3 weeks for any fresh paint to cure! This is important if you want a longer lasting application. Decals might bubble and release from your walls if the fresh paint isn’t allowed a sufficient cure time. The paint and/or surfaces that have been textured highly or are wallpapered should be examined well before application.

Check for moisture and humidity

When it comes to decals adhering to a glass properly, the factors like condensation, moisture, humidity, have to be considered seriously. If you wish to go for business window vinyl lettering for your storefront windows, make sure the cooling system isn’t creating a condensation on the glass constantly. A constant moisture build-up on the glass will make the application process difficult.

Keep the surface free from dirt or dust

Dust, grime, and dirt on a surface is not so conducive for a decal application. In order to make sure of a proper adherence of the decal to the glass or walls, the surface must be kept clean and dry before application! Having a properly cleaned surface helps to make the decals work on the glass perfectly. You’ll end up a happy customer with little to no future troubles with your decals.

Is your store ready for a makeover?

When the shoppers hit the streets in full force, what impact will it have on your business? It’s time to press the refresh button. Updating your store’s appearance occasionally will make your business relevant to your existing and new consumers. Changes let you move forward and grow your business. The trick is to give your business a new look, but also to make your brand recognisable to your clientele. Custom vinyl lettering can easily display vital information, add branding, or personalise your storefront windows and walls. If you wish to boost sales, inform the consumers or upgrade your existing signs, vinyl lettering must be considered.

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Save space and money

Some businesses do not have a sufficient space to display big banners. The use of business window vinyl lettering permits these stores to utilise an existing surface, such as a storefront window to display the message. Vinyl lettering is effortless to install and remove. It can fit into the tiniest spaces. Possibly, one of the major benefits of using vinyl lettering is that it is affordable. If your store offers several sales per year or has numerous events, it isn’t wise to pay for a huge banner for each event. Vinyl lettering may be used and removed when the event is over.

Increase advertising and entice customers

When used together with other signs, business window vinyl lettering can be an ideal way to attract attention and gain potential customers. Not all the shoppers notice or are able to view a big banner that is hung on the roof, or at the store. By using your creativity, come up with attractive quotes and phrases and useful information that can draw the customers of any age group. This message can be a duplicate of the original message displayed in the banner, or it can be used in an elegant manner to describe the event.

Be creative and design your own vinyl lettering

A company such as Glass Vinyl Graphics supplies customised vinyl cut out lettering or lines of text to promote your business. You can display your business name and type, website address, opening hours, phone number or any special message that describes your brand, and you can simply design it yourself.  Vinyl lettering can use different colours, styles and finishes like a metallic or wood grain finish. Thus, businesses get their message across and get noticed more rapidly by customers.

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Why you should go for vinyl text and graphics?

For some time now, social media has become an essential part of the daily lives. People constantly notice all types of inspirational quotes and motivational images that remind them to live life to the fullest. The prettiness of these quotes is bound to attract people. You can possibly imagine by how much you can enhance the beauty of your glass walls or vehicle windows with decals that contain motivational quotes or images.

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Entice your customers with clever lettering

To spread the positivity around, graphic design plays an immense role. The business window vinyl lettering use stunning backgrounds, neat graphics, and exclusive fonts to make the glass walls, doors, or windows aesthetically pleasing. You’d love these letterings because they can be applied on any surface, and once applied, the look completely changes. Your customers can glance at the quotes all day.

Make your vehicle look chic

Human beings are always faced with stressful circumstances, negativity, fast-paced lives, and it’s great to have something pleasing to look at, even if it’s a simple quote on the vehicle window. ┬áThese are simple to apply and last for a very long time. Experts at Glass Vinyl Graphics say that the vehicle window vinyl text in Australia can change the commuter’s perspective on the ethics of road safety!

Boost your self-confidence with nice decals

You go through thousands of happy posts on social media, and it seems like everyone’s lives are absolutely perfect, and you’re trudging through the hardest moments, beautiful wall decals containing designs serve as a reminder of how fortunate you are, irrespective of what’s going on with you at the moment.

Beautify your home with a custom design

Adorning the glass doors and windows of your home with custom decals can serve as an aesthetic environment for not only you, but also the people who visit your home during brunches or dinners. These unique designs tell a lot about you, what kind of a person you are and how you relate to others. If you are into designing, create a customised silhouette graphic artwork and upload it on the website of Glass Vinyl Graphics. The experts will offer you an affordable quote.