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GREAT SIGN DESIGN TIP : if you prefer to have your Business Logo on the window Рwe will convert it to one cutting file so you will be able to stick it to your window as a solid cut out with no background white version of your coloured logo! This is quite acceptable to convert your logo for a window, as one solid white colour just like Nike or Coca-Cola does. The important thing is that your logo is still recognizable as your own brand. -simply upload your logo on the form below and let us know what width in mm you want it and we will let you know if it can be converted from a design layout point of view. We also suggest it should be  at least 350mm high( however this may have to be adjusted depending on how wide your window is on your main shop window compared to a smaller glass door.

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Size Left to Right mm

Size Top to Bottom mm

We will advise if it will fit the area and adjust font size if required. for smaller areas, we will leave a 25mm bleed from sides

Option 2: Submit your own – You can find free fonts to use for your sign , CLICK HERE to search Google – please make sure the font has a solid line in its design. We will let you know if it is suitable for your job.

please paste the link so we can download it

For Glass ( Windows ) it is advisable that WHITE vinyl is the most suitable colour for showing the best result – Yellow after that, but used sparingly but never dark colours like Black or Blue

we can cut 1 to 100


Maximum size 10MB

Postage Extras

it is recommended to get post insurance just in case it is lost or damaged by Australia Post –

why not add a graphic design or silhouette to enhance your sign eg a coffee mug for a coffee shop – get your vector image from or ask your graphic designer to convert your business logo into a vector file all one solid colour!


Maximum size 10MB – please make sure the finished sign is no bigger than 500mm high and no less than 1200mm wide

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Examples of full coloured Logos being converted to solid white designs as acceptable white branding alternatives