Custom Vinyl Graphic Decals

Shop window graphics - Custom Vinyl Graphic Decals

If you have a hobby why not promote it ?  No matter what the graphic idea, we can cut a vector vinyl decal that you can stick on your car window, car body,  shop window or any other flat surface to promote your event or function or place

Option 1) Choose Commercially Available Design.

Need a Image to help promote your business ? You can choose from thousands of royalty free themed silhouettes at

How Do I Search ?

Simply Search for a solid image ‘silhouette’ or black and white drawing of an image you might want to use for your project for example if you are a CAFE and you need an image of a coffee cup for your shop window Do this, by entering the search term ‘ Coffee Cup Black and White ‘ and your will see a list of images available to purchase. Please send us the Image Reference Number from Istock, before buying, so we can let you know if it is OK to cut. We also can purchase the image on your own behalf and add it to your Quote if need be. You simply pay us for the image and we will access the image, convert to a cutting file and and cut it for you in Vinyl. NOTE: you need to choose the image that does not have too many lines, because the more lines you have we may not be able to be cut it– so it is better to go for something that looks like this coffee mug with solid edges.

coffee mug1 300x286 - Custom Vinyl Graphic Decals

Option 2 ) Business Logos

Send your Logo converted into a ‘one piece’ solid graphic- if you have a multicolored logo, you may be able to ask your graphic designer to turn it into a solid silhouette or vector file for cutting. NOTE: We do not PRINT coloured logos onto Vinyl stickers. We actually cut the vinyl from a square piece of vinyl and then remove the background vinyl ( weeding ) so that the decal is solid piece with the background cut out. Example below is of a Logo converted from many colours to one solid colour. We can convert this image to a vector file for cutting. You often see major logos converted to a simple one colour but sill is recognizable to the reader that it is your business logo. Example: DC shoes splash Vinyl sign

3) Your Own Custom Designs

If you have an original design your created yourself – please make sure it is a black and white silhouette and upload it as a Jpeg or PDF file 300 dpi and A3 size – or even better, get it converted it into a vector file using a good scan and trace program like Adobe Illustrator and save as a .ai file.

What Files can I send ?

Vector Files

We prefer vector files to be sent ready for cutting straight away.

Formats: .dxf .ai

Example of a Vector file:

The Vinyl Decal will be cut along the blue cutting lines indicated in the diagram below.

The black area is the Vinyl Decal piece sent to you  – Everything else will be clear areas left behind after being weeded out carefully with tweezers that your glass will show through ( or other flat surface )

The more complicated the design the more time has to be taken weeding the vinyl material.




1. Fill in our Customer Order Form for a Quote

2. Quote will be issue based on the size of your graphic and if we have to do any conversion to a vector file for cutting.

3. An Invoice will be issued for payment ( when Quote is agreed )

4. Vinyl is cut, weeded, and shipped to you pre-masked and ready for application within 1 – 3 working days upon receiving payment

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