Our Vinyl letters and Vinyl Graphics are all cut out of high quality professionally graded coloured vinyl to last 5-7 years. When your vinyl product arrives it has 3 layers. It has bottom layer ( backing ) when peeled off exposes the self adhesive glue on the back of the vinyl which you will use to stick to the window . It has a middle layer ( the Vinyl ) – that stick to the window and a Top Layer ( the application tape ) which you use to guide and place the vinyl on the surface. It also holds all the vinyl pieces together… it may be a line of text or a graphic logo or a group of lines of text that can be laid down on the surface as one object. When the bottom layer is taken off and the middle layer is firmly pressed onto the surface and the top layer is peeled away, the vinyl will have glass showing through the spaces between the vinyl. There is no application tape or backing showing through the vinyl as you will remove it in its application.

Yes, it is rated to lat 5 years

We can create your custom vinyl sign as a job piece – meaning you can simply stick the sign to your glass window ( or other flat surface ) as one job piece – saving you time working out the layout yourself – we will provide you with a layout graphic layout with suggested font size and line space to suit your designated area before the job is cut!! Let our graphic designers work it all out for you!

Yes, Simple request this on the Quote form where it is indicated and we will cut it in reverse ( mirror) and can be read as a positive for those looking in your window.

Yes, Simple request this on the Quote form where it is indicated and we will cut it in reverse ( mirror) and can be read as a positive for those looking in your window.

We can cut in a wide range of True Type Fonts

please view our most common used fonts on our fonts page or you can upload your own saved font when sending in your Vinyl Text Quote Form for a quote and we will let you know if it is suitable

We can cut letters from 20mm high right up to 450 mm high

The letter size height of any capital in your sentence will be the selected height of that font, All other lower-case letters may be slightly larger or smaller depending on hanging or ascending parts of the letter eg P or y can be longer as it hangs below the base line of normal letters like a,e,o,u etc . It therefore may be better to use all CAPS instead to get an exact line height you want and not too be confused between caps and lower-case letters.

No, Letters are individually cut not printed.

After the artwork is composed on the CAD program and sent to the vinyl machine for cutting. It comes out of the machine ( custom sized ) with tiny cut lines of the design scored onto the piece of vinyl. We then have to manually, with tweezers, lift off the background the vinyl not needed to leave the design or letters behind.

View more here

It can be applied to any lean, dry smooth surface including windows, cars, walls, cars, plastic and painted wood. However, it is not suitable for application on canvas or other material surfaces

A vector file is a graphics file that contains a vector image, rather than a raster, or bitmapped, image. Shapes and lines make up vector graphics, which are fully scalable images, while raster images are made of pixels and cannot be scaled up without loss. Graphic designers prefer vector images for logos and line art because they can be converted to a wide range of sizes without distorting the image.

We have a comprehensive DIY page.

No, our vinyl decals will not damage paintwork

After Quote issued has been agreed upon and payment has cleared, we will cut your job in 24-48 hours ( working days ) and it will take approx 3-6 working days for your product to arrive by Australia Post. If you are outside the major cities, then Australia Post may take a little longer to get to you! A tracking code will be available on request.

For Shop windows, we suggest WHITE vinyl is the best to use as it stands out better than most other colours.

 For Car rear Windows, we also suggest WHITE for the same reasons.

Yes, additional postage will be quoted.

You can make payment by Bank Transfer or Credit Card – we will send you a client payment button through our online web store where you can simply checkout and pay.

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