Your Custom Text Vinyl Designer

How to use:
Enter your custom line of text in the box supplied below and then choose your font type, font colour and font size and click update. You will be then shown the finshed size width x height of your vinyl product and a price. If your happy with the result, click 'add to cart' and then click 'view cart ' and 'check out and pay with your credit card.

Enter Text
Select Font
Sign Size

Display of the overall sign size. Includes space for hanging letters.

Select Colour
Price in $
Font Size
 How is this shown?  Height info


Need to Adjust the Vinyl Sign Size to Fit your Sign Space?

If you need the vinal sign to be a fit a wider or smaller width area as shown, simply update the font size and click 'update' button to see the new size in width and heigh

Need To Add More Lines Of Text ?

Click ' Add to Cart '& then ' View Cart '
- on the cart page you will be shown your 1st order, simply click the 'Continue Shopping ' button and it will take you back here to start your new order..

How do I pay?

When you are ready to pay 1 line or all lines of vinyl text, it/they will be calculated as one product on the Cart Page. -

Click the 'Checkout with Paypal ' button at the end of the Cart Page

We use Paypal to process the payments for GlassVinyl Graphics.

Note: You can use your credit card if you do not have a paypal account by clicking on ' Use Credit Card ' option which paypal makes availaible for non paypal users in their checkout area.

How much Postage do I pay ?

There is a set price for postage with Australia Parcel post shown on checkout. There are also additional options you can click for adding extra postal insurance and postal delivery signature.