Vinyl Colours

Basic Colours

These are the most popular basic colours used to cut our Vinyl Products



1. White
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Green
5. Red
7. Yellow

* There may a slight change in the final product colour delivered, due to screen resolutions not showing the colour accurately with our products in stock.

NOTE: We prefer to convert your Vinyl Logo or Graphic as a ‘ Single ‘ coloured item only.

(( It you want a FULL COLOUR Vinyl of your logo – please consider contacting a VINYL PRINTER instead.))



Advanced Colours

If you require another colour, from the swatches below, please let us know what code it is is and we will let you know the cost of getting it into stock for you.

(( please be aware that some screen resolutions will show a slight difference in the colour than the actual finished Vinyl product ))