Vinyl Colours

Basic Colours

These are the most popular basic colours used to cut our Vinyl Products

Popular colour range vinyl 150x150 - Vinyl Colours


* There may a slight change in the final product colour delivered, due to screen resolutions not showing the colour accurately with our products in stock.

What about my coloured logo ?

This has been a confusing issue for clients as they do not know the difference between a printed on vinyl sign and vinyl cut out sign that you peel and stick to a flat surface. We prefer to convert your Vinyl Logo or Graphic as a ‘ Single ‘ coloured cut out item only in what is known as a vector file. The reason for this is because logos are designed using the full coloured spectrum, Vinyl is a product that is printed in a limited range of colours that more than likely will not be suitable to your logo!  However, don’t panic, because your logo can be read as 1 solid colour too, just like a water mark, it is still recognizable. The he top brands do this all the time in advertising, you don’t even think twice about seeing familiar brands converted to a solid colour when required. So yes, it is OK to convert your logo to 1 colour cut out vinyl decal.

Example of how it works

coloued logo - Vinyl Colours

converted to window vinyl sign

logo converted to solid 1 coloured white window vinyl sign - Vinyl Colours



Advanced Colours

If you require another colour , see swatch below

please let us know, what number it is and we will let you know the cost of getting it into stock for you.


Vinyl A700 Colours - Vinyl Colours


(( please be aware that some screen resolutions will show a slight difference in the colour than the actual finished Vinyl product ))




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