Weeding vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics

Weeding vinyl  is the process of removing the extra vinyl around a vinyl lettering or a vinyl graphic that will expose the finished vinyl product for the customer to apply to their flat surface.

This is delicate time consuming process. Unlike printing onto vinyl, our vinyl products are all cut out vinyl pieces with the end product being lines of text or a graphic silhouette.

How it is done

1) The artwork is prepared on a computer – carefully sizing it to your required area.

2) The artwork is carefully adjusted to shape the lines to curves and straights – smoothing out any mistakes in the tracing process of the original bitmap artwork.

4) The job is send to the Vinyl cutting machine

5) The vinyl cutting machine cuts the vinyl being pushed through the machine from a roll 600mm wide.

6) The length of Vinyl used is then cut from the machine

7) Then carefully, the vinyl is weeded  – with tweezers – the back waist product is removed from around the vinyl end product. AND depending on the size and number of lines cut, this can vary the time taken to produce.

8) the final stage is sticking a top cover masking layer that will be peeled off on installation.

After the weeding is complete, transfer tape is applied. This keeps all the letters in place since they aren’t connected


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